Property Investing

Property investment can be very rewarding and if you do it with managed risks, will set you up for your retirement and beyond.

Property Investors

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When it comes to Buying Property, the mindset should vary on the purpose of the property. If it is for you to live, you are looking for a HOME. You should like the location, the structure etc. You should feel comfortable with the house. These things you cannot quantify. When you buy a house for you to live, you buy with the HEART. It’s what you are going to call HOME.

When it comes to property investment, it’s different. If you are buying an investment property, you should have a medium to longer term plan (at least 5 years plus) in the current market. Of course it depends on the suburb and type of the property you buy. You should consider this as a business. So the colour of the property, location of the bathroom etc. might not really matter to you as you are not going to live in the property. You should look at whether it can be easily rented, how close to public transport etc. Also what factors would influence the property appreciation.

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* The information contained herein are general in nature and has not taken you individual circumstances into account.